When you call on Simply Flowers, Inc. for your landscaping you will first meet with a professional designer who will work with you to assess your needs and color/plant preferences.

After the consultation, the designer will compose a unique plan for your gardens. You will be given a list of the plants to be used as well as a rendered drawing of the proposed design and layout.

Planting Process
Once the designs are approved by you, the designer and an expert field manager will oversee the entire planting process to assure you of the beautiful flower display you deserve.

Maintenance Package
Our service to you doesn’t end with planting! We will be there to help you maintain your gardens so that they always look their best.

Full Guarantee
Simply Flowers is proud of its garden designs and craftsmanship. We stand behind our work with a full guarantee.

Container Gardens
In addition to our beautifully designed garden beds we also offer container gardens. Our services in this area, like that of our garden installations, include consultations, ordering, installing, and planting.


Simply Flowers, Inc. is Atlanta's premier landscape designer specializing in flower garden designs. We create gardens of distinction to accent your landscape and enhance the drive-up appeal of your home or business.

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Simply Flowers

Simply Flowers