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As you are probably aware, we are once again in for some frigid weather later this week (currently the forecast is Thursday 43/21, Saturday 49/13, Sunday 35/18). Your plants will need some additional TLC in order to keep them healthy.  Because we have had warmer weather recently, they are in a bit of a growth spurt, so the leaves (especially on the accent plants) are softer and more susceptible to the cold weather.  Please continue to watch the weather forecasts as they are refined during the week and seriously consider covering your plants at night should the weather forecasts indicate that the temperature will drop to the low 20’s or lower.

Because all of the growers are now in the process of growing spring plants, we are severely limited on available winter weather replacements.  Below is some information that will help you take care of your plants during this time.

First and foremost….DO NOT WATER on days that extreme cold is predicted!!!!!  The ice that forms around the roots can severely damage or kill the plants.  You can help protect your plants by covering plants with pine straw, leaves, newspaper, towels, canvas dropcloth, or sheets, but do not use plastic as it can’t breathe and can burn the plants.  Bring small pots inside your garage. Window boxes, hanging baskets, and pots are the most likely to be damaged, as their roots freeze and stay frozen for a longer time than flowers in the beds.

Some general information to know when assessing your flowers after the freeze:

  • North facing flowers and those in shady areas will stay frozen longer and will have fewer flowers.
  • Tender plants may get burned back, especially mustards, lettuces, cardoons, and kales. They most likely won’t die, but the plants may lose all of their foliage. Please allow them time to rebound.  Pansy blooms may be lost temporarily. The blooms will return with warmer weather.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this information or about your plants.


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