State of Your Flowers after the Freeze

The flowers have finally thawed.  WOO-HOO!!!!!  With the warmer temps, we were able to begin service visits again yesterday.  We know you are concerned about your flowers and their health, so we wanted to give you some reminders so that you understand what is happening.

Here is our State of the Flowers report:

  • For the most part, pansies and violas came through the extreme temperatures with little damage or loss.
  • The cold made the plants look smaller.  This is a cold weather response.  The pansies and violas “shrink” to protect themselves from the extreme cold.
  • Almost all of the flower blooms were freeze-dried and are lost.  The plants are still fine. THE FLOWERS WILL REGENERATE AND BLOOM AGAIN as the weather warms up and sunlight returns. (The forecast for the next several days shows warmer temperatures and SUNSHINE!)
  • North facing beds, shady beds, raised planters, and pots/window boxes are showing the most damage.  Many of these are still frozen at root level.
  • Those beds that get sunshine early in the day or are bordered by concrete look the best.
  • Some accent plants, especially mustards, did not fare as well.
  • Mustards may have lost all of their outer leaves, but there is a silver lining: they typically regrow quickly from their crown.
  • Please check beds and pots that are under cover – they will require hand-watering as soon as possible.

Teams are working to get to properties as quickly as possible.  If you have an immediate need, please let us know.  We will have our work order team get to you.

Thank you so much for your business!  We look forward to lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures in the near future!


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